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Land Buying and Selling.
London, Surrey,Sussex, Kent.

We accept Agency instructions to buy and sell land and buildings.

We are independant, objective, may not have a conflict of interest, regulated by the RICS, and supervised by HMRC for anti-money laundering.

Our Professional Fee for making an introduction that leads to a successful transaction is for acquisitions 1% of the purchase price plus VAT, or for disposals 1.5% of the sale price plus VAT. Our Professional Fee is payable in full within 28 days of exchange of contracts.

If you have a requirement to buy or sell land and buildings, please let us know.

Requirement to Buy or Sell Land and Buildings

Please provide us with details of your requirement to buy or sell land and buildings.

An email received by us from you using this form indicates you are willing for us to use your personal data to reply to you by email. 

Thank you for choosing Emmerton Land.