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Emmerton Land is a Private Practice of Surveyors regulated by the RICS and operating throughout London and the South East.

RICS Home Survey Level 2
 (Survey and Valuation)
London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent.

Congratulations! You think you have found the home of your dreams, and now you wish to check that it's a dream come true, and not a nightmare. This is what the RICS Home Survey Level 2 was designed for, and it really is a must before you buy.
100 most common defects in Residential properties.

Buying a home is the biggest financial decision that anyone makes, and you need to know that you have a quality home, as quality is the best assurance of value.

This RICS Home Survey Level 2 (Survey and Valuation) Report combines an on-site inspection of the condition of the property and a Market Valuation, highlighting any problems that we find. We will tell you what needs to be fixed, and whether it's urgent, routine, or just right. We will also tell you the correct cost of reinstatement to tell your home insurer.

Our Limit of Professional Liability to you is calculated as half the square of the Fee Paid (including Tax, if applicable).

Before inspecting the condition of the property we need to know what you know about the property, and agree our Contract Letter and Terms of Engagement.


Please complete the following questionaire on the form below, as best as you can, and send it to us. Alternatively, please call and speak with us as we can complete it over the phone.